It is impossible to incorporate in the text of this book all of the pictures and documents which are of interest to the reader of the Vogelzang family history. The following pages give access to them. They are arranged by cross referencing to the number assigned each person in the Brother’s Keepers geneology forming part of this work.

By its very nature, this Appendix is a work in progress. It is the author’s hope that any reader of this book will dig through their records and forward any pictures taken prior to 1950 to the author. E mail: or postal mail, Box 160, Seeleysbay, Ontario, Canada. K0H 2N0. Phone # 613 387 3308. One of the great tragedies is that so often we do at the time think that old pictures are just that, and are no longer of interest. Yet future generations may tend to differ in this opinion. This section is an attempt to have this type of record on file for any future reference. Documents/pictures have been arranged by date/generation. Numbers beside the names refer to index ## in the Brother’s keeper geneology family records.

Tombstone of Fimke Melcherts # 733 and Teake v d Zee # 742- Bakhuizen Cemetary- May 2010.

Grave stone of Sjoerd Melchers # 746 and wife Hinke van der Hoff # 752- Bakhuizen Cemetary May 2010.

Tombstone of Lammert of Vogelzang # 595 in Mirns Cemetary- 2010
In same grave is found a brother of his wife Johannes Berends Folmer, # 3617, buried May 29, 1883 and a baby Maaike Bouwhuis, buried Feb 13, 1900 old 5 months.

Letter from Rinske (Beppe) Wierdsma-Vogelzang # 11 to her daughter Agatha # 13-Jun 20, 1926.

As before- page 2.

Translation: Dear children. The letter received Saturday morning in good health. I was glad to hear from you and to my great pleasure learned that all is going so well and that it is such a sweet little doll and Agatha also in good health, However, Agatha be still somewhat careful all of it is only such a short time ago and such a young one is a lot of care. Do not get yourself too wound up and then I read that Johan is again working. What a good fortune that he is away from that nasty factory. Yes children I am grateful to the good Lord that he at this time makes everything so very good’ and then Agatha did I learn from father that you are just planning to come home with your dear child. Yes children (I) have great longing for your homecoming,however, is not all of this too soon it will be next Sunday only three weeks. Be careful and then did we send two cups of capucian peas, 5 fat, a piece of sail and those old pipes. How is it Lien likes it in Diemen. I suppose it is busy there just like at home. Now to morrow Tuesday Marie comes to work and then will all the stuff again be tidy. Don’t do it myself. Marie comes every day for a little while to make the beds and so on, but I always have still the work preparing the meals and drinks, When they are all home I am always tied up. Last Thursday did we spend the whole day at Aunt Marie. I then had an easy day. Ruurd joined us there in the evening for the warm meal.Yesterday Sonday afternoon did we have tea and coffee at Aunt Janke. One can always go away, but I enjoy to be alone and sit by myself every now and then for I do not have that much time as I always lay down for a while in the afternoon. It really is “ongezellig” not cosy lately and rough weather. It is terrible with the North wind. It is cold enough for me. Now childrend it is time again. Father has to go. Therefor I finish but here is everything as always. And children you must consider how it will go with you coming home. However, be careful I can fetch for myself ok until then and then children receive the hearthiest greetings from Ruurd and from me your loving mother.

Other letter from Renske Wierdsma # 11, July 1925. Translation: Dear children Jo Agatah and the dear Teja. Early this morning received already your letter and were glad dat you did not come home as it really was no weather. It is here today very cold. It seems more like fall. It is so wet and raw. Agatha better be careful as you yourself are not quite ok perhaps having the flue and that is something one has to hatch out, however that is difficult to do because you do not have anybody around. We should have lived somewhat easier to each other sothat we could visit each other. However, that is not the case. However, Agatha as long as we stay healthy, than will things work out. We are getting better. I am again reasonably well. Are now sitting down to write. Lien is also again somewhat better. Hence Agatha do not worry. However, one always thinks that when things are not quire right things are worse than they really are. Hence Agatha do not have heavy worries and Agatha if it is nice weather on Thursday, would we have not objections if you came h ome. We also have the longing to come to you or otherwise to Liens after Ascension day. Yet better wait a while till the weather gets somewhat better. Agatha we are sitting here cosily round the table. Dad with uncle Johannes, Lien and Berta and myself. The stove nicely warm so we are ok and childring hope that you may receive this writing in good well being and then the hearthiest greetings from your mother. Bye. Children Agatha, Jo and the little tyke and the children receive this message being well and if you come home you can count on us. Again greetings. Your mother.

Attachment to the Renske’s letter by Ruurd Vogelzang # 19 Agatha’s youngest brother who is still home while mother is battling breast cancer. Translation: I do not have much desire to write but will add a few words. We are getting better. Mother has had a heavy radiation treatment which is quite a cleaning and I am still battling the flu- well sleep will take care of that. And Aunt Marie during the day time brought us some food and so things carried on and then we lock the door again and we handle life with closed doors. I kept mother company but after a while we had nothing more to talk about.Mother said that we could talk about the wolf and the seven goats in the same way as children do. However, we are coming to live again. Agatha you wrote that you perhaps may be coming Thursday. This would be really nice and cosy and just make sure you bring little sister. However, if you are not able, then you better do not come for Agatha you do not have to help us for there are others. If mother now again is getting somewhat better, which seems to be the case, then will I come over for a few days after Pentecost. Well A. receive the hearthiest greetings from all of us. Keep weel. Bye. Johannes and little sister a kiss for you. Bye.

40thwedding anniversary of Weird and Anna Vogelzang- 1962.

Back rows from l to r: Agatha V # 13;Thea Deden # 75; Johannes Deden # 74; William Lutmer # 79; ?;?;Engelien Vogelzang # 17; Gijs Kloosterman # 24; Reinalda Deden # 77; Greet Vogelzang # 21; ?;?;?; Reinalda Vogelzang # 20; ?

Next row l to r Joop Pakkoo # 108 and wife Johanna # 114; Adde Pakkoo # 109; 7th from right Jan Vogelzang # 110 and wife Cobie # 122 and Cobie’s mother remainder of row unknown;
;Albertus Vogelzang # 15; Helena Pijper # 134;Ruurd Vogelzang # 19; Elizabeth V #4; Rintje V #3 ?;?;?;

Next row l to r ?;?; Lubertus V # 18; Leida V # 204; Hendrika V # 233;?;?; Front rows all kids and spouses of Weird’s and Anna’s.. Sitting l to r William Boon # 121 and Reinalda V #112; Anna V # 107; Weird V #14; Jan H Vogelzang # 10; Anneke V # 113.

40th Wedding anniversary of Weird and Anna Vogelzang.

Standing l to r Anneke Vogelzang # 113 and Daughter Ans # 132; Han and Joop Pakkoo ## 108 and 114: Jan Vogelzang # 110 and Peter Anneke’s son # 132; Nalda Vogelzang # 112; Anna V # 107; Sylvia V Jan’s daughter # 126; Weird V # 14; Yvonne V Jan’s daughter # 1`25 and Dick Teijnant # 130. 1962.

Family gathering possibly at wedding of Jan Vogelzang #110- late 1940’s

From l to re Back Helen Pijper # 134; Elizabeth Ringeling;
# 4; Albertus V # 15; Rintje V # 3; ; Lubbertus V # 18; Froukje Andringa-Vogelzang # 30;? Herman V # 12; ?; ? Leida Peelen # 204; Jan V # 110.

Albertus Vogelzang family 40th wedding anniversary 1965

From l to r Anneke #142; Gerard Keyer # 162; Engeline #141;Theo Uijldert #161; Rietje Roele; Laura #144;Gerard #140;Herman #139;Rennie #135; Wiro #146; Theo #136;Ria #143; Wim Boerrigter #153; Hannie #138.

Wedding pictures of Neeltje Aukes Vogelzang #538 and Jan Marten’s de Vreeze #545 May 17, 1902.

Aerial view of Lemmer- arrow indicates location of ‘t Steeg where J H Vogelzang family is located- 2010.

Streetname Board of ‘t Leeg in Lemmer.

‘t Leeg in de Lemmer where Vogelzang house stood- Peter de Jong on right.- 2010.

“Bokking rokerij” Smoked herring smoke house near ‘t Leeg early 1900’s.

Leeuwarden Courant Jan 30 and 31 1914 stating that Captain J. H. Vogelzang.
Of the Groningen III braved the ice and left from Stavoren to Amsterdam.

Leeuwarden Courant Dec 12, 1924 reporting Collision by Groningen III off Amsterdam, captain J H Vogelzang.

Same Nov 4 1926 Groningen III having lost its propeller under Captain J H Vogelzang.

Old Harbour in Lemmer with Groningin IV and possible III in foreground- ca 1915.

Newspaper article of Mar 8, 1940 describing Pake Jan H Vogelzang being sent to assist Two other Lemmer boat vessels caught in the Ice off Enkhuizen.

Newspaper article of Jan. 12, 1943 reporting Groningen III being in collis- ion with MS Amstel off island of Urk. Former sank in the process. Captain Rintje Vogelzang.

Groningen III in Lemmer harbor. Note name of Captain R. Vogelzang on bow.-1943.

Lock entrance from outer to inner harbor- de Lemmer ca 1920.

As above. The story goes that the “dear” J. H. Vogelzang sons would go and swim in the harbor to the chagrin of their mother.

Entrance to Inner Harbour in de Lemmer- ca 1900. In foreground one of the Lemmer boats-possibly Lemmer II.

As previous picture- taken in opposite direction- ca 1920.

Sneek VI- “kleine Suup” in Sneek- ca 1900.

In 1909 the Sneek VI capsized due to shifting of the load. A lady by the name of Anna Rippen lost her life in the process.

Cemetary lane behind Bakhuizen R.C. Church- May 2010.